A MEMOIR and a place to talk eating disorders, dieting and the messy bits in-between.

Real-world speaker for young women, parents and those who need it most.

Jordan Lee Knape is an experienced speaker on mental illness, adolescence and recovery, and an advocate for young women. She has a special place in her heart for young audiences and those in the midst of recovery. She can reach them.

Jordan prefers to custom-tailor her presentations and workshops, however, previous examples include:

Speaking Topics 

– Anorexia, Anxiety and Depression: a Recovered Patient and Her Adolescent Psychiatrist Get Honest

– Surviving Teenage Depression — And Worse: a How-To

– Eating Disorders, Dieting and the Messy Bits In-Between: What Fuels Our Relentless (and Unhappy) Pursuit of Perfection

– Think You Know The Difference Between a Diet and an Eating Disorder?

All-Time Favorite Speaking Events 

February 4th, ’16: The Adolescent Symposium of Texas Co-Speaker Along With Dr. Stephanie C. Setliff, in Garland, TX

February 5th, ’16: Eating Recovery Center (ERC) Adult & Adolescent Outpatient Guest Speaker in Plano, TX

March 25th, ’15: ERC Adolescent Guest Speaker in Plano, TX

March 26th, ’15: HR Catalyist Group Keynote Speaker in Addison, TX

March 27th, ’15: Alcuin Montessori Upper El and Middle School Guest Speaker in Dallas, TX

March 27th, ’15: ERC Adult & Adolescent Guest Speaker in Plano, TX

May 2nd, ’15: Dallas National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) Walk Keynote Speaker Hosted By The Elisa Project in Dallas, TX

July 21st, ’14: Model Citizen Workshop Guest Speaker at the Hockaday School in Dallas, TX

October 13th, ’14: Women’s Boardroom Initiative Guest Speaker at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Dallas, TX


“We were so blessed to have Jordan present at our annual event.  The audience was mesmerized by her story, and she touched the hearts of many.”

– Kimberly Martinez, Executive Director of The Elisa Project

“Jordan gave two back-to-back presentations to our students: the first group was 4th through 6th graders and the second group was middle school and high school students, both boys and girls. She did a remarkable job keeping their attention and speaking to them in a way that they understood. They even wanted to learn more and asked great questions, something that is not always easy, especially with 4th-grade boys. She helped us all to see how eating disorders and associated body image and other problems relate to all of us, both male and female, and how we can help those we know who are suffering. Even the teachers learned several things they did not know!

Alcuin School is thankful to Jordan for helping our students, and faculty, learn to make a new healthy path for themselves, one that is more focused on character development rather than image and Facebook likes. She was a wonderful role model for our students, too, and was happy to answer questions both thoughtfully, intelligently and more importantly, age appropriate. She was also able to offer support to some of our students who were coping with challenges of their own, by answering their questions both during and after her presentation. This was an unexpected gift and we are thankful for her presentation and highly recommend Best Body to other school”.

– Bunny Ridenour, Associate Head of School for Advancement at Alcuin School, a Montessori and International Baccalaureate Education

“Jordan spoke to my group of HR professionals last week. We were wowed by her ability to both share the blatant facts and the impact of eating disorders with grace and empathy. She is so authentic in her presentation you know it comes from her heart and how much she cares about others with this problem.

If you have an opportunity to have Jordan speak to your group do it ASAP. She is the type of person who’s story needs to be told and is alive today to be able to tell it. She tells her darkest fears and shares insights into a disease we are only beginning to understand.

Read her book, listen to her story and take action NOW before you say or do something you regret or make a judgment that you wish you hadn’t.

‘Don’t judge….listen to what they are trying to tell you and let them know you care.’ This is the message I came away with from Jordan.”

Book her now, I promise you won’t be disappointed and you will learn so much more than you ever anticipated.”

– Pam Venne, HR Catalyst Group

“We don’t talk about eating disorders, depression or mental health in our everyday lives. Instead, we wait for these problems to suddenly appear in our own life or that of friend our family member’s. Then we have to scramble, trying to figure out what to say, what to do and what is really happening. Jordan spoke with passion and understanding about what she went through, making it that much easier for us to understand how to help those in our lives who are struggling… the ones our everyday life did not equip us to help!”

– Sheryl M Jackson, EWL Board of Director

“It’s not easy speaking to a group of twelve to thirteen-year-olds. Jordan spoke with confidence and poise about her story. By opening up about her struggles, Jordan managed to get the young women to talk openly about their own fears they were struggling with. More importantly, they opened up about how they could take action in their own lives and find effective support taking action and finding effective support. Not easy!”

– Harriet Kelly Gibbe, Founder of Model Citizen

“Many have written about their painful experiences and the lessons they’ve learned thereby. Jordan Lee Knape has the rare gift of enabling us to actually experience some of her pain ourselves. As a result, her book isn’t just a story about an eating disorder, it’s a guide to compassion and wisdom. Nearly every page had me shaking my head, both stunned and schooled by a tale of searing honesty about bittersweet innocence.”

–  Bill Hendricks, President of The Giftedness Center

“Startlingly frank, Best Body is a compelling, well-written book that is void of self-pity. Jordan paints a picture of what it was like for her at her darkest time and offers a no-nonsense guide for those struggling today about what recorering from an eating disorder looks like. Best Body is a difficult read that could not be more necessary for women of all ages.”

– Laura Lewis, Empowerment Coach


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