BEST BODY: Pretty, Miserable, Perfectness


BEST BODY: Pretty, Miserable, Perfectness

Beautifully detailed, Best Body is the first book of its genre to both intimately depict the experience of an eating disorder and expertly analyze its causes. Jordan’s story of recovery brings hope and insight to the eating disordered and their families.

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“A big, flaming, red-hot spark for my eating disorder boomed on a weeklong school campout in the seventh grade. The boys in my class made a list of the girls in the class and rated them from top to bottom. They itemized them. They picked off their parts and pieces and they said who had the best what and where. Of course the list only involved looks – what else was there to talk about?… I was voted Best Body.”

And so began Jordan Lee Knape’s rapid descent into the darkness of anorexia — a descent that led her to hospitalization at age 14. Written a decade later, Jordan’s compelling story paints a picture not only of an eating disorder’s emotional and physical anguish but also of the subtle ways in which we all contribute to its deadly grip.

How can I get special pricing?

Personalized copies of Best Body, Pretty, Miserable, Perfectness are available at special prices for bulk orders for schools, sororities and other organizations. Speaking events can also be arranged in conjunction with bulk orders.

Please contact Jordan at to learn more.

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